Registering with the Practice

As part of the registration procedure, new patients aged 5 and over, may see the practice nurse for a new patient check. This includes checking your blood pressure, urine, measuring your height and weight and giving advice on a healthy lifestyle. The nurse will also note any current problems or allergies in your medical history.

New patients should complete a Family Doctors Registration Form (GMS1) and  a New Patient Quetionnaire Form (one for each memeber of the family to be registered with the practice)

Patients are also required to produce evidence of their identity and also current address e.g. Photographic driving licence or a valid passport and utility bill etc.

Family Doctors Registration Form GMS1

New Patient Questionnaire (Adult)

New Patient Questionnaire (Child)

Visiting the UK Registration Leaflet

Choice of GP Practice – Out of Area Registration

Historically, GP practices have always had the discretion to register patients who live outside their practice area, but under their GP contract the practice was required to either accept the registration as any other normal patient registration (recognising that this may mean undertaking a home visit) or refuse the registration on the grounds that the patient lives out of the area.   Whereas from January 2015 a change in the GP contract now means that all GP practices are able to register patients who live outside of the defined practice area without any obligation to provide home visits.

Out of area registration (with or without home visits) is voluntary for GP practices meaning patients may be refused because they live out of area.

Honley Surgery will consider any application to register someone living out of area on an individual basis, taking into account their circumstances to ensure that it is clinically appropriate and practical to register the individual patient in this way. To do this we may:

  • Ask you or the practice you are currently registered with questions about your health to help decide whether to register you in this way
  • Ask you questions about why it is practical for you to attend this practice, for example, how many days during the week you would normally be able to attend

If the practice decides that it is not clinically appropriate or practical for an individual to be registered away from home it will explain the reasons for the decision.

If accepted but your health needs change we may review your registration to see if it would be more appropriate for you to be registered with a GP practice closer to your home.

This new arrangement only applies to GP practice and patients who live in England.  For further information visit the NHS Choices website (

 Out of Area Registration Patient Information Leaflet