Minor Illness Information Leaflets

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Patient Information Leaflets

  • – Comprehensive, free, up-to-date quality information on a wide range of health issues and diseases.

Self-Help Resources at Kirklees Library

  • A selection of good quality self-help books, CD ROMs and DVDs have been placed in local libraries including titles to help you to overcome anger, depression, low self-esteem, chronic pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, sexual problems, social anxiety and shyness, smoking, relationship problems, weight problems, anxiety, living with loss, panic attacks, managing stress and many more. For more information contact the self care team on 01484 464 443 or your local library

Anxiety and Depression Help

  • Living Life to the Full, free step by step workbooks for anxiety and depression.
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  • Mood Juice, free online programme designed to help you to think about emotional problems and help you to work towards solving them

Alcohol and Drug Help

National helplines and local support groups

  • Lifeline Kirklees, professional help for drug use. 01484 353333
  • On Trak Huddersfield, professional help for alcohol excess. 01484 437907
  • Talk to Frank, national drugs helpline. 0800 77 66 00
  • KAAS – Kirklees Alcohol Advisory Service 01484 533388
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Registered Charity offering help to relieve the distress and sickness of people suffering from any form of alcohol excess. 0800 9177 650

Smoking Help

  • Our practice offers individual support and treatment for our patients who would like to quit smoking. If you would like to consider stopping smoking and would like some advice regarding this, please make an appointment with either one of our Healthcare assistants (Jill or Zoe) to discuss treatment options/strategies available to help you.

Help with Losing Weight

  • Weight Management Service has a great website packed with information on diet and exercise, a healthy weight calculator, excellent leaflets available to download and information on local services.
  • You may also come and see one of our Health Care Assistants to discuss your diet and lifestyle.

Women’s Health

  • Womenspace, free pregnancy tests, confidential help and advice for unplanned pregnancy, pre-abortion, post-abortion, miscarriage, baby loss and adoption support. 01484 536 272 or email
  • LIFE Caring – they offer free, confidential information, counselling and support for women contemplating abortion, suffering after pregnancy loss or struggling to cope after abortion. Their trained counsellors and skilled helpers are there to listen, not to judge. They have a nationwide network of care centres. 0808 802 5433
  • CareConfidential (a network of independent, affiliated centres throughout the UK) offers a national free phone helpline which provides confidential counselling to anyone facing pregnancy, miscarraige or post abortion concerns – whatever their age, beliefs background or circumstances. Their services are also available to partners and family members 0800 028 2228
  • Women’s Health Concern is the UK’s leading charity providing help and advice to women on a wide variety of gynaecological, urological and sexual health conditions including excellent menopause advice. 01628 890199
  • Continence Service, anybody with a bowel or bladder incontinence problem is welcome to have a full assessment and can self-refer to the clinic. 0300 304 5555

Domestic Violence

  • Surviving Trauma After Rape (STAR), service for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted, helpline open 24hrs and crisis worker will phone back within 10 mins. 08444 068 680
  • Pennine Domestic Violence Group, free 24hr helpline offering emergency accommodation, support and advice. 01484 308307
  • Supporting Polish Victims of Domestic Violence in the UK is a polish website with information for victims of domestic violence living in the UK. It contains information about help and options available in relation to issues such as finances, accommodation and legal proceedings. There is also a Polish Domestic Violence Helpline Number: 01270260106, available to all Polish residents living in the UK , which is manned by polish speakers.

    Relationship Help

    • Relate Huddersfield, services include relationship counselling, family counselling, young people’s counselling, psycho-sexual therapy and life skills training. There is a charge for most sessions but those on benefits or no wage will be required to pay only a minimum fee. 01484 425 843

    Long-Term Health Conditions Help

    • Kirklees Self Care Team, all you need to know about managing long-term conditions. Information on local services, support groups, free local courses, information on your condition, how to access one-to-one support and local events. 01484 464 443 or email
    • Expert Patients Programme, this is an 8-10 week course that helps you learn new skills to better manage your health and deal with the challenges that a long-term condition can bring 01484 464 440
    • Health Trainer Programme, provides free one-to-one support, information and advice on how to improve your health and well-being according to your needs. They will help you set realistic goals such as becoming more active or changing your eating habits so that you feel more in control of your condition.  01484 414 933
    • Gateway to Care, offers one-to-one support for older people, learning difficulties, mental health needs, physical and sensory disabilities and those who may be socially isolated. They offer support and advice about health and council services, voluntary groups and community groups. They visit you at home to provide advice and support on things you need help with or would like to do in your local area 01484 414 933
    • PALS (Practice Activity and Leisure Scheme) Offers support to help you become fitter and more active. It is a 45 week scheme which includes one-to-one sessions and group activities aimed at specific health conditions such as diabetes and chronic pain. Contact 01484 234 095

    Employment and Health

    • Better Health at Work, free and confidential support for individuals who live and work in Kirklees and feel that work does, has or could contribute to ill health. They can also answer queries on health and safety issues. 01484 416 777 or email
    • Worklink, employment service for people with disabilities or health related problems. It also offers a range of programmes for people who have been on incapacity benefit for a period of time or who may need assistance to return to work. 01484 223 520

    Are you a Carer?

    • Looking After Me, a course for carers. An eight week programme which helps to give people the skills to help them cope with their role as a carer and increases their confidence to take more control over their life. Contact Carers Gateway on 01484 414 933 or email

    Chronic Pain

    Protecting Children

    • Safeguarding Children, if you are worried a child is being abused.