Local pharmacies and GP's are very busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working as fast as we can to process your prescriptions and you can help us by doing the following:


  • DO use online ordering if you can, using the NHS APP or via ONLINE ACCESS

  • DO allow at least 7 days from placing your order to collecting it from the pharmacy. This is to allow your GP practice time to process your request and your pharmacy time to get your prescription ready for you.

  • DO contact the pharmacy if your surgery has sent a prescription to the pharmacy and you need it urgently.


  • DO NOT over order your medicines. Only order the ones that are due.

  • DO NOT call the pharmacy to see if your prescription is ready if you can avoid it. This slows the dispensing process down for everyone.

  • DO NOT call in to the pharmacy to collect your prescription early. It probably won't be ready and will cause delays in dispensing for others.

When you order your prescription from the GP you might receive a text message from your surgery advising you that your prescription can be collected from the pharmacy. This does not mean that the prescription is ready for collection. When the pharmacy receives the prescription from the GP practice, they need a further 2 working days to process it for you, unless it is needed urgently.

If you need help with collecting prescriptions and do not have friends, family or a carer to support you, click HERE or call 0800 196 3646 (8am-8pm) to get help from NHS VOLUNTEER RESPONDERS