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We are a research ready practice, which means we will have a chance to participate and contribute to clinical studies which in turn helps to develop new treatments and protocols in the future.

On occasion we will have a number of clinical trials running and will make suitable patients aware so they can choose to participate.

Please be assured that all studies that we participate in are from National Institute for Health Research portfolio and has all the necessary local as well as national approvals.

We are very grateful to any patients that have taken part in these studies in the past and would encourage patients to become involved in the future.

Click HERE to view our Research Policy

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The benefits of GP practices taking

part in research are:

  • It offers patients access to new treatments

  • It brings new dimension to practice and added skills to those involved

  • It provides national gold standard training for research 

  • It offers mentor-ship and support to those involved in research within practice

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  • A doctor or nurse may talk to you about a particular study and ask whether you would be interested in participating

  • You may be sent information through the post if we feel you may be a suitable participant

  • You may read information through the post if we feel you may be a suitable participant

  • You may read information about a current study in the patient waiting room or on the surgery website and wish to take part by contacting you GP or the Research Nurse

All clinical research carried out at Honley Surgery is thoroughly checked and approved by ethical committees thus ensuring it is appropriate and safe to perform.

Your participation is entirely voluntary and can be withdrawn by yourself at any time without an explanation required.

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You are under no obligation to participate in any research project .

Your care and your relationship with your doctor or nurse will not be affected in any way if you decide not to take part in a research study.

You will always receive clear information about what taking part in a research study would involve. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and obtain further details about a study.

If you do agree to take part in a study you will be asked to sign a consent form. This will clearly state which parts of your notes (if any) may be looked at for the purpose of the research study. Nobody from outside this practice will be given your contact details or have access to your medical records without your prior consent.

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