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The easiest way to request a sick note (also known as a fit note) is via E Consult or you can contact us on 01484 303366 or via email

Please be advised that the clinician may wish to see/speak to you before issuing a sick note


The DWP performs a weekly anonymous extract of fit note usage data for collection, storage, transmission and publication by NHS Digital. 

If patients don't actively express dissent, implied consent is assumed. Therefore if you do not want to consent to this then you must let us know.

Data about patients who have dissented from secondary use of their data will not be included in the extract.


The data extracted is completely anonymous to protect patient privacy and consists of:

  • How many eMED3 fit notes are issued

  • How many patients are recorded as 'unfit' or 'maybe fit' for work

  • Fit note duration

  • Gender

  • Health condition type aggregated to a high level diagnosis code, for example paranoid schizophrenia would be classed as a mental disorder

  • Location, including CCG areas

  • Whether workplace adaptations were recommended

  • The issuers profession

Sick Notes: Text
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