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On behalf of the GP Partners and management team at Honley Surgery we would like to say a very BIG thank you to all our patients, volunteers and staff who have complied with and demonstrated effective social distancing at all of our COVID clinics.

Your support and assistance is very much appreciated. Please remember that you still need to follow the safety guidance after receiving your vaccine.

The vaccines should protect you from becoming seriously ill with COVID; however it is not yet known whether they will stop the virus spreading so even if you have had a vaccination, you might still give COVID to someone else. It is very important that you still follow national guidance to help protect lives - particularly washing your hands, wearing a mask and keeping 2m apart.

We are now planning our 9th COVID vaccination clinic and as some may be aware some clinics have been held on site at Honley Surgery and some have been held off site at The Holme Valley Memorial Hospital depending on the vaccine type that is provided to us. All the clinics have gone very well and we have had excellent feedback from those that have attended.

We are now at the point where we have done the majority of home visits to our housebound patients and vaccinated them with the small remaining number of patients scheduled.

We have also visited our residential/care homes and vaccinated both the residents and staff on site whilst there. We now move to COHORT 6 of the eligible population and are trying to make contact and get as many of these patients booked as soon as possible, vaccine allocation permitting. We thank our patients for being considerate whilst we continue to provide normal services along with COVID vaccination clinics.

Please help us to vaccinate everyone as quickly as possible by waiting for the practice to contact you.

Alternatively, if you receive a letter from the NHS saying you are eligible for a COVID vaccine you can book your appointment in a range of settings i.e. John Smiths Stadium, the community pharmacy centre and details of how to book your vaccination at one of these settings are included in the letter you receive.

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