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Please click on the links below to access useful information and resources for Carers.

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Honley Surgery is working in partnership with Healthwatch Kirklees to support the launch of a new initiative.  The aim is to provide carers with an unbranded lanyard and card, which can be used across all health and care settings throughout Kirklees.  This will help to make carers easier to identify, and enable staff to proactively offer them support and signposting information, where required. If you know of any carers who could benefit from this, please spread the word.

In the interests of consistency, it is hoped that the idea will eventually be adopted across the whole of West Yorkshire, so that carers can be easily recognised and supported.

If you are a person who uses our service and you are interested in having a carers lanyard and card, please contact one of our staff members or contact Healthwatch Kirklees on 01924 450379 or email

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